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The projects updated on 02/05/19. Please download again.

Scarica questo file (gruppi 18-19 (version 1).pdf)Groups updated to 12/05/19[ ]42 Kb12/05/2019 20:26
Scarica questo file (Project Group 10.rar)Project Group 10[Stl model and project assignment]883 Kb12/05/2019 20:23
Scarica questo file (Project Group 9.rar)Project Group 9[Stl model and project assignment]1240 Kb07/05/2019 08:42
Scarica questo file (Project Group 8.rar)Project Group 8[Stl model and project assignment]2778 Kb03/05/2019 08:50
Scarica questo file (Project Group 7.rar)Project Group 7[Stl model and project assignment]458 Kb02/05/2019 18:42
Scarica questo file (Project Group 6.rar)Project Group 6[Stl model and project assignment]585 Kb02/05/2019 18:41
Scarica questo file (Project Group 5.rar)Project Group 5[Stl model and project assignment]230 Kb02/05/2019 18:40
Scarica questo file (Project Group 4.rar)Project Group 4[Stl model and project assignment]155 Kb02/05/2019 16:37
Scarica questo file (Project Group 3.rar)Project Group 3[Stl model and project assignment]905 Kb02/05/2019 16:37
Scarica questo file (Project Group 2.rar)Project Group 2[Stl model and project assignment]301 Kb02/05/2019 16:36
Scarica questo file (Project Group 1.rar)Project Group 1[Stl model and project assignment]384 Kb02/05/2019 16:33
Scarica questo file (Map FabLab - Tuminelli b.pdf)Map Tuminelli [How to reach the SLM lab - Sapienza main campus]52 Kb11/04/2019 17:22
Scarica questo file (Example Command support.stl)Example stl file [stl model to use during the practical lessons]1048 Kb10/04/2019 12:38
Scarica questo file (Lab RP Lesson 3.pdf)Lesson 3[Additive Manufacturing steps and software]9261 Kb10/04/2019 08:27
Scarica questo file (lab of rp Lesson 2.pdf)Lesson 2[Additive Manufacturing technologies]6503 Kb27/03/2019 08:58
Scarica questo file (Lab RP2019 Introduction.pdf)Introduction[General information about the course]1412 Kb24/03/2019 21:44