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BSc Degree thesis


Students are expected to deliver a thesis during their final exam of their Bachelor's degree programme for which 5 credits are awarded.

The thesis activities (5 UC) do not last more than 1 month/student.

Students prepare their Degree thesis under the supervision of an Sapienza Aerospace Engineering Academic Council mentor.

The thesis assignment and preparation procedure is as follows:

  • When students have gained at least 140 credits, they decide on the topic of their thesis with their Mentor and, before starting the project, submit the thesis assignment application form to the University Academic Secretariat1
  • on completing the thesis, students shall present the final version to their Mentor.
  • the questionnaire shall  be delivered (in a sealed envelope) to the University Academic Secretariat; students should bear in mind that this form will only be read after the Degree Course final exam has been completed.
  • before the final exam, the Mentor shall fill out the Assessment form and send it to the Department of Mechanical  and Aerospace Engineering Secretariat2.

The Final exam procedure is as follows:

  • students will present their work before the exam panel (or sub-panel)
  • at the end of the presentation, the members of the panel (or sub-panel) will express their opinion on the presentation of the thesis
  • the Panel Chair will then calculate the final mark taking into account the opinion of the degree tutor, the opinion of the panel (or sub-panel) and the average of marks gained for all exams taken during the course.


Degree Thesis Procedure

  • Decide on a topic with the Thesis Mentor
  • Fill out the application form and deliver a copy, signed by the Mentor, to the University Academic Secretariat.1 Applications by post are not accepted.
  • Fill in the Degree Application Form online, following the instructions reported  on the "Sapienza" web page "modulistica studenti". (The application form has to be presented at the administrative office, P.le A. Moro), enclosing the attendance/title form, duly signed and stamped by the Thesis Mentor at the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Secreteriat2
  • Prepare the thesis and submit it to the Mentor who will fill out the relative thesis assessment form.
  • Fill out the activities questionnaire and submit it in a sealed envelope to the Academic Secretariat before taking the final exam.


[1] Mr. Grassi, via Eudossiana 18, opposite the Bank
[2] Mrs. Quaresima, room 23, tel. 06 44585327 (25327), This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Download this file (Istruzioni domanda di laurea on line_0.pdf)Istruzioni per la domanda di Laurea on-line[ ]500 Kb05/18/17 10:25
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