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Internship in a private company may provide 3 or 6 ECTS.

To earn ECTS, the student must:

  1. in the study plan, choose “Internship” as “Altre Attività Formative” (AAF) instead of one (3 ECTS) or two (3+3 ECTS) partially elective laboratories.
  2. Provide a training program developed with the Company according to Jobsoul
  3. Look for a supervisor among the course teachers

Internships outside Europe are not allowed.

In order to earn ECTS with the Internship it is mandatory to develop the training program according tothe Jobsoul system.

Internships not qualifying for  ECTS can be allowed during master final project, as a part of it. In this case the 6 ECTS to be earned through  "altre attività formative" (AAF),, will be achieved by the students through laboratory work carried out in the department (according to the provided list of laboratories taught in English).