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Materiale didattico

Class Timetable - 2019

The course will start the 6th of March

Wednesday 13:00 - 15:00 classroom 24, via Eudossiana 18

Thurday  16:00 - 19:00  classroom 24, via Eudossiana 18


It will consist with a written exam concerning  the discussion of questions about the topics of the class and  a technical report of the Team'sDesign Activity that must be provided at least:
  • 14 days before the attendance of the exam (if no checkpoint meetings have been done during the semester)
  • 10 days before the attendance of the exam (if checkpoint meetings have been done during the semester)


  • Lecture Notes and other references are on the moodle class-page. Ask to the teacher if you need the password.
  • "Engineering Design: A Systematic Approach", Gerhard Pahl, Wolfgang Beitz, Jorge Feldhusen, Ed: Springer London Ltd, 2006
  • "Principles of CAD/CAM/Cae", Kunwoo Lee,  Prentice Hall
  • "Shigley's Mechanical Engineering Design", Richard Budynas and Keith Nisbett, McGraw Hill

Diary of year 2019 (week by week here you will find the topics discussed during the lessons)

Week#1: Introduction to the lessons, Meaning of the Design activities, Skills and tools, Planning.

Week#2: Lesson of 13/03/2019 Canceled due to foot injury. Lesson of 14/03/2019: List of Requirements and Functional Analysis for Concept Design.

Week#3: Concept Design: actuators and definition of concept. Test-Case:the springboard (list of requirements and functional analysis)

Week#4: Concept Design: concept definition and evaluation. Preliminary lay-out design: tips for defining shapes and interfaces. The safety margin. Teams'topic review and scheduling.

Week#5: Computer Aided Technologies for design activities. Team's activity check (on Thursday from 4:00 to 5:00 PM)

Week#6 Neutral format for data exchange. Parametric Design.

Week#7 Parametric Design through table. Family of Part.

Week#8 (only Wednesday) Surface Modeling.

Week#9 (only Wednesday) Surface Modeling.

Week#10 (only Thursday) Introduction about CAE. A specific CAE software is request. The software is Altair's Hyperworks. Here you can fine the downloading page (please check before the PC / OS requirements): webpage

Week#11 Altair's Workshops: Optimization with CAE. FEA modeling.