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The Aerospace Engineering Academic Council recognises that trainee placements can be attended in place of the presentation of a Degree Thesis.

Such placements shall last for a maximum of 1-2 months for which students will gain 5 UC.

Placement requests can be presented to the Academic Tutor when students have already gained at least  140 UC.



Companies interested in providing placement opportunities to students are required to register with the “Sapienza” University in Rome via the Job Soul Portal Once this procedure has been completed (on average, about 15 days), companies can post their placement proposals on the portal.

Companies are required to

- Appoint a company tutor to act as the trainee’s referent.

- Present the placement opportunities

- Select the candidatures submitted by students and contact or call them for an interview

- Print 3 copies of the approved training programme and deliver them to the students

- At the end of the placement, issue a Certificate of Attendance to the student

- Submit an assessment report on the work conducted by the student using the company placement assessment form, which shall be sent to the University tutor by email or post



Placement procedure

1. Students shall register with the University Placement Service, Soul Project (University-Career Orientation System) at (student & graduates section) and compile the CV form

2.a Students shall apply for advanced placement opportunities with companies registered with the Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering at the Sapienza University of Rome; interested companies will contact students directly and call them for an interview. At this point students and companies will draft the Training Programme

2.b Students are automatically accepted when the placement has been agreed with the company

3. Companies will present the placement application to the Faculty via the Job Soul portal (Placement Opportunity)

4. After publishing the Placement Opportunity on the portal, the companies will prepare the Training Programme

5. On completing the Training Programme (including drafts) students will apply for their  Academic tutor from the Aerospace Engineering Academic Council lecturers. Tutors take on the role of Thesis Mentor for all placement procedure aspects

6. The University1 Placement Office referent will contact students and request they submit the training programme application form signed by the Mentor

7. The University Placement Office will approve the training programme application via the Job Soul portal. On receiving confirmation, companies shall print, stamp and sign 3 copies.

8. Students are required to collect the 3 copies of the training programme from the company, sign them and deliver them to the University Placement Office.

9. Students can collect 2 copies of their programme from the UPO, signed by the Rector designated to the signing of Placement Training Programmes, within 7-10 days and deliver 1 copy to the company.

10. At this point, the Placement can commence according to the start and end dates indicated on the training programme; relative insurance ( third party liability and accident insurance) coverage is applicable from the date the designated Rector signed the document.


Placement process

During the placement, students shall send a monthly written report to their mentor, commenting on the status of their placement and any technical and/or logistical problems encountered.

On completing the placements, companies will issue a Certificate of Attendance (indicating the length of the placement).

Fill in the Degree Application Form online, following the instructions reported  on the "Sapienza" web page "modulistica studenti". (The application form has to be presented at the administrative office, P.le A. Moro), enclosing a) the Certificate of Attendance, b ) the attendance/title form, duly signed and stamped by the Academic Tutor at the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Secreteriat2

On completing the Placement, students shall fill out the company assessment questionnaire form in the reserved area of the Job Soul portal..


Degree exam

Companies shall fill out the assessment form (company ) and send it (via e - mail or post) to the mentor at least 5 days before the Degree exam session.

Students shall prepare a technical report on their Placement and delivery it to the mentor at least 10 days before the final exam session.

Tutors shall fill out the Placement Assessment form (Academic Tutor) and send it to the Department of Mechanical  and Aerospace Engineering Secretariat2.

The Final exam procedure is as follows:

- students will present their work before the exam panel

- at the end of the presentation, the members of the panel will express their opinion on the presentation of the thesis

- the Panel Chair will then calculate the final mark taking into account the opinion of the degree mentor, the opinion of the panel and the average of marks gained for all exams taken during the course.

[1] Mr. Grassi, via Eudossiana 18, opposite the Bank
[2] Mrs. Quaresima, room 23, tel. 06 44585327 (25327), This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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